Meetups in Belfast/Gibraltar and a few book highlights…

News from the Photobook Club Belast and Campo de Gibraltar first:

Wednesday 11th December (nb: change of date – originally listed as 12th)

Hosted by Belfast School of Art Photography Artists in Residence Jan McCullough & Lewis Rankin at Belfast Exposed

Returning to our regular format, this month Jan McCullough and Lewis Rankin will be presenting a selection of photobooks from their personal collections. Both avid collectors, we are excited to see what surprises they have in store! There will be a festive twist for our last event of the year, with mince pies and mulled wine for all attendees.

– Hannah Watson

This Friday 29th November

We are going to run the 2nd Session of The Photobook Club Campo de Gibraltar, next Friday 11/29, at 19:00 pm, in The Public Library of La Línea de la Concepción. Attached you can find a little diptych with the announcement, and punctual info at our Facebook fan-page.

– Angel L. Duarte Sastre

Campo de Gibraltar
Campo de Gibraltar

I did not talk about books in the recent Paris review, and these few books are not limited to those I found in Paris but just a few recent highlights (more to come as I work through a huge stack of books on the desk).

Kadir Van Lohuizon’s ‘Via Pan Am’
Paradox/Y doc

Via Pan Am

I plan to write more, much more, on this book – one that is, for me the most important book of 2013, perhaps of the last 3/4 years. This publication is not only a triumph in design and content but also raises (and in some cases answers) some big questions that surround the photobook in the digital age. This book proves the unique power of printed work and does not attempt or need to justify it’s physical manifestation in fetishistic design or production. More soon.

Douglas Stockdale’s ‘Pine Lake’
Self published

Pine Lake

Memory seems to be a focus for photographers in the 2010’s, so too is the creation of super-limited books with various pieces of ephemera or memorabilia. Whenever I come across either of these, I am keen to separate the genuine from the imitation, the art from the gimmick. Stockdale’s ‘Pine Lake’ falls easily within the bounds of the former in both cases.

In Stockdale’s own words this is ‘a semi-fictional story about a multi-generational American rite of summer.’ I wouldn’t argue with this but would posit that for the vast majority of readers this will not speak solely of America, nor of Summer, but instead ask us to recall, regret and reflect on our various life experiences/events and memories thereof. It is surprising that this book can create such strong reactions as it does with only a handful of images and some clever editing and wonderful surprises and is a testament to the author’s clear vision and awareness.

Ariana Sanesi’s ‘Dispersal’
Self Published dummy


In some ways, ‘Dispersal’ takes on a similar form to Pine Lake but beyond the surface their are few similarities. This book is so many things all at once and I am finding it hard to write about it at all. Fortunately, their are many images and a video via the link above so have a look at your own leisure at these beautiful images rooted in nature and the hunt. Comparisons to Lick Creek Line are perhaps inevitable but where ‘line’ dictates our journey (albeit a loose one), ‘Dispersal’ presents us various avenues and narratives to wander freely.

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