On the desk 18/09/2013

Have been spending some time away from the desk over summer and there have been a heap of books that have landed on the doormat and I have yet to give a decent amount of time to. Others I have been enjoying over the last month and then there are a few projects that have tickled my fancy…

On the desk 18/09/2013

Paul Gaffney – We Make the Path by Walking
(I saw a dummy of this earlier in the year and heard Paul introduce the work to students – the final piece is a poem to walking, to space, to country)

Jeff Brouws and Wendy Burton – Some Vernacular Railroad Photographs
(Stunning images from the known and unknown, most interesting on first look is Brouws and Burton’s editing and a great setup intro)

Vanessa Winship – She Dances on Jackson
(Have had almost no time with this book yet and each time I open it I feel I should save it for a rainy day – perhaps the same reason I like to keep a bank of 7 new films on the shelf at all times!)

Brian Griffin – Open
(not a fan of Griffin’s work in general but this I love. I am sure many feel this is somewhat of a gimmicky book, I am not one of them)

Ben Krewinkel – A Possible Life. Conversations with Gaulbert
(thanks to Taco Hidde Bakker for sharing this with me, as with Griffin’s book it features reverse printed Japanese folded pages which, when broken, offer a new level to the story)


Here is an interesting project seeking funding on Kickstarter by Geoffrey Hiller. The project explores Burma from 1987 until the current day and will be realised in the former of a photobook.

Hpa-An 2012 – Geoffrey Hiller

I am also currently exploring the book ‘Post-digital Print; The Mutation of Publishing since 1894’ (Alessandro Ludovico). It is no page-turner but some valuable examples and interesting questions posed.

All for now!


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