Photobook Club branch updates

A few updates from the world of PBC Branches…

Thanks to Anita Totha of the Photobook Club Auckland for sharing images from an open hose event with Harvey Benge!…

Some of our younger attendees had never seen a real Soth or Graham book before! Most were photographers, but we had some curators and graphic designers come too.

– Anita Totha

The Photobook Club Kuala Lumpur will host their first meetup as a soft-launch shortly on the 15th June…

PBC Kuala Lumpur

And to finish with, three new branches of the Photobook Club will be opening doors soon, more details on them to follow but for now you can show your support via the links below:

PBC LogroƱo (First meeting 12th June)
PBC Bilbao
PBC Taiwan

That’s all for now folks…

– Matt

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