The Photobook Club Auckland; First Meetup

Rumblings afoot for new Photobook Club branches in Paris, Amsterdam and Sydney, as and when dates are set I shall of course post on the site. In the meantime I am chuffed to be able to share a report from Anita Totha who is the organizer of the Photobook Club Auckland (amongst other awesome activities), the PBC Auckland held their first meetup in late January…

There were 17 of us that attended the 1st Auckland meeting and everyone mentioned that the club was a great idea and that they were eager for more meetings already!

It was great to get a solid group of photobook lovers together in Auckland and share
some of our favorite and cherished books. Here are some of the impressive books shared at our first event:

Stephen Gill; Coexistence
Peter Kudar; How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb
Ingar Krauss; Portraits
Joel Meyerowitz; Wildflowers
Atget; Old Paris
Esther Kroon
Mishka Henner; Dutch Landscapes
John Gossage; She Called Me by My Name
Ricardo Gonzalez
Jason Fulford/The Soon Institute; The Mushroom Collection
and more…

Our next meeting will be in March and once a date and location are set it shall be posted here. In the meantime, I will keep updating the FB page found here. Here are some pics of the event, not many, as I so was excited about the meeting that it only occurred to me to take photos towards the end!

– Anita

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