The Photobook Club Bangalore

The Photobook Club Bangalore operates a little differently to some of the other branches, but at the heart of this club, like all, is the promotion of access to, and discussion of photobooks…

Where and when does this club meet?
This is not a formal club. We (Mahesh Shantaram and Vidya Rao) have collected many photobooks over the last few years. We thought it would be great if we could share it with others who might be interested and develop the photo book culture here in India starting from our city, Bangalore.

All the photo books are from our private collection and are housed in our living room/library. So we open up our house on select Sundays afternoons every month for interested people to come by and browse the books.

I’d like to join in, when is the next meeting and what do I do?
If you are interested please join “Mahesh and Vidya’s Photo Book Library” group on facebook. We announce photo book open house dates here.

Unlike other photobook clubs, we do not decide what books we are going to discuss, etc. beforehand. Photo book enthusiasts show up at our house on Open House days, pick a book they like and go through it, discuss it, and so on. If someone does not know where to begin, we will help them depending on their personal interests.

Here are our contact details:

Vidya Rao:
Mahesh Shantaram:

Pinterest page that lists the photo books we have.

Link to the Facebook group

– Vidya and Mahesh.

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