November’s Book is…. Nobuyoshi Araki, ‘Diary, A Sentimental Journey/Winter Journey’

In November we will be looking at Nobuyoshi Araki’s, ‘Diary, A Sentimental Journey/Winter Journey’
( This is the 1991 version which features both the original 1971 ‘Sentimental Journey’ and ‘Winter Journey’ images from 1990)


We will shortly post a video of the book for those who do not have a copy and cannot get access to one, although I strongly urge if at all possible to get hold of one at your local art library, or borrow from a good friend as it is, in itself, a beautiful object.

As always, we would love to feature as many personal reflections as possible, so leave any thoughts in the comments section or email

If you are interested in purchasing this book, links are provided below:

Abe Books
Abe Books (UK)
Amazon (UK)

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